Know Your Fish.

Sockeye salmon

Scientific Name:  Oncorhynchus nerka

How it was caught: gillnet

Port of Landing: bristol bay, ak

Know Its Story.


Bristol Bay, located in southwestern Alaska, is the home to the largest sockeye salmon run in the world. This summer (2015), 58 million sockeye salmon were harvested from the fishermen that work in this region. These dedicated fishermen work around the clock during the season, which peaks over a few weeks during the summer. Due to the nature of this fishery and it's remote location, small native or family-run boats offload their catches to larger boats called 'Tenders' that transport the catches of many fishermen to the processing plant on land. Though traceability down to the individual boat is not possible, we work with several fishermen to bring you Bristol Bay's finest sockeye.

Interested in learning more? Bristol Bay has been under threat of the Pebble Mine for several years. Learn more at

This fish is a recommended choice across sustainability metrics. Alaska salmon are well managed and fished using gillnet, purse seiners, and pole caught – all of which minimize bycatch and have minimal impacts on the environment.