Bristol Bay-ngin Sockeye Sliders

Our smoked sockeye salmon (from Bristol Bay, Alaska) will make these award-winning sockeye sliders one of your new favorite things!

Sustainable smoked salmon recipe


1 pkg Salty Girl Seafood Smoked Sockeye Salmon

1 avocado

5 T whipped cream cheese

1/4 c chopped chives (green onions)

4-6 peppadew peppers

4 slices french bread

2 T butter

1/8 t salt


Mash avocados, add salt to taste. 

Chop chives, add to whipped cream cheese. 

Cut peppers into strips. 

Butter outsides of bread (for grilling). 

Add avocado to one side, cream cheese and chives to the other.

Place salmon on one side, add peppers, close it up, and throw it on the press!