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Salty Girl Seafood was founded in 2014 out of a love for the ocean and a desire to make purchasing and preparing sustainable, traceable seafood easy and accessible for anyone and everyone.  All of our products are wild and sustainably-caught, seasoned with healthy, gluten free recipes, and can be traced right back to their origin with information about where and how your fish was caught displayed right on the back of the package. A unique code that can be entered on our website gives you even more info about the fishery your fillet comes from!

PDF: Salty Girl Seafood, The Basics

PDF: Salty Girl Seafood, The Details


Quick Stats

Founded: 2014 in Santa Barbara, California

Founders: Norah Eddy, Laura Johnson

Currently operates: Santa Barbara, California

# of Employees: 5

The Story

Co-founders Norah Eddy and Laura Johnson met in graduate school while students at UCSB's Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. The two quickly bonded over a shared passion for the ocean, desire to protect our coastal marine resources, and background in fisheries management, having both spent time as marine biologists aboard commercial fishing vessels in Alaska. The pair launched Salty Girl Seafood the day they graduated, along with their mentor and advisor from UCSB, Craig Cummings (CEO) and fellow Bren student, Gina Auriemma (Marketing)... and the rest is history!

Product photos

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Coho Salmon with Lemon Pepper & Garlic

Black Cod with Sweet & Smoky Teriyaki

Salmon bites for kids


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