Meet Your Fisherman


In 1992, Chris left his cozy suburban home in central New York and found himself hitchhiking around Alaska.  He ran out of money in Seward and walked the docks asking for work.  On the deck of a halibut longliner, looking around at the snow covered peaks, sea gulls circling overhead, he smelled that pungent brininess and knew that he was home.  

For more than 20 years the ocean has been this home.  From sailing traditional rig sail boats to working as a chef on yachts to surfing all over the world to the wild abundance of fishing in Alaska and along the coast of California, the ocean has been the source of work and pleasure and, as someone who gets so much from it, Chris has a deep commitment to protecting this and other sustainable food systems.  

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Know Your Fish

Sockeye Salmon

 Diane Rome Peebles. 1992.

Scientific Name:  Oncorhynchus nerka

How it was caught: drift Gillnet

Port of Landing: bristol bay, ak



This fish is a recommended choice across sustainability metrics. Alaska salmon are well managed and fished using gillnet, purse seiners, and pole caught – all of which minimize bycatch and have minimal impacts on the environment.

sockeye sustainability.png

What does it mean?

Seafood sustainability metrics, certifications and labels all differ - we report the ratings of a few of them to give our customers an easy way to make decisions. Salty Girl Seafood has established our own metric that recognizes fisheries and fishermen that are in the process of moving towards sustainability.