Meet Your Fisherman

Who caught it: Norman Negrete Vera

Norman participates in the pesca blanca (white fish) fishery in Puerto Ayora, using handline to harvest his catch and selling to the local market upon return. Salty Girl Seafood is working with Conservation International to develop a Fisheries Management Plan with Norman and his fellow pesca blanca fishermen to improve sustainability practices in the Galapagos Islands.

Vessel Name: Valeria Diana 

The Valeria Diana is a small fishing vessel known as a panga. These small outboard fishing vessels are used to fish for a number of finfish species throughout the Galápagos.

Know Your Fish


 Diane Rome Peebles. 1992.

Diane Rome Peebles. 1992.


Also known as: Ono, Pacific Kingfish, Ocean Barracuda 

Scientific Name:  Acanthocybium solandri 

When it was caught: May 29, 2014

How it was caught: Handline

Port of Landing: Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador


This fish is a recommended choice or good alternative across sustainability metrics. The handline artisanal fishery in the Galapagos is working towards a Fisheries Management Plan to ensure sustainable practices.


What does it mean?

Seafood sustainability metrics, certifications and labels all differ - we report the ratings of a few of them to give our customers an easy way to make decisions. Salty Girl Seafood has established our own metric that recognizes fisheries and fishermen that are in the process of moving towards sustainability.