Meet Your Fisherman

Who caught it: Paul Teall

Paul has been fishing for 30 years, starting out as a deck hand crabbing at San Miguel Island. He arrived in Kodiak, Alaska in 1983 with only $8 in his pocket. After 18 days of halibut fishing, $8 became $35,000, opening up opportunities to work as a deck hand and crew member on 33 different boats over the course of the next 8 years from Alaska to the West Coast, to long-line fishing in Nicaragua. In 1987, Paul bought his own boat - a 12-foot Boston whaler that he used to hand pull traps for crab, lobster, and whelk.

Paul sells his catch on Saturdays at the Santa Barbara Fisherman's Market down at the harbor with the help of his sons Parker (19) and August (9)!

 Image by Joe Johnston

Vessel Name: Sal-C

The Sal-C is a beautiful 41-foot fishing vessel Paul purchased in 1995. He didn't miss a week of fishing in the Sal-C for a record six years until 65 knot winds from the northwest kept him in port for a one-week break!


Know Your Fish

White Seabass

 Diane Rome Peebles. 1992.

Scientific Name:  Atractoscion nobilis

When it was caught: July 11, 2014

How it was caught: Hook and line

Port of Landing: Santa Barbara, CA



This fish is a recommended choice across sustainability metrics. 

white sea bass sustainability.png

What does it mean?

Seafood sustainability metrics, certifications and labels all differ - we report the ratings of a few of them to give our customers an easy way to make decisions. Salty Girl Seafood has established our own metric that recognizes fisheries and fishermen that are in the process of moving towards sustainability.