Meet Your Fisherman

Who caught it: Monique Couture

Monique is a native of Santa Barbara, CA, where she grew up dreaming about fishing in the cold waters of the last frontier. She has spent the last 5 years fishing in Alaska on a boat she owns with her boyfriend, Jacob. In July of each year, the pair fish non-stop, 7 days a week!

 Image by Joe Johnston

Vessel Name: Gypsy

The Gypsy is a 32-foot fishing vessel Monique and her boyfriend Jacob purchased in Spring of 2010. The couple spent 9 months overhauling the boat at the Port Townsend shipyard before voyaging to Alaska to fish salmon!


Know Your Fish

Sockeye Salmon

 Diane Rome Peebles. 1992.

Scientific Name:  Oncorhynchus nerka

When it was caught: July 7, 2014

How it was caught: Gillnet

Port of Landing: Haines, Alaska



This fish is a recommended choice across sustainability metrics. Alaska salmon are well managed and fished using gillnet, purse seiners, and pole caught – all of which minimize bycatch and have minimal impacts on the environment.

sockeye sustainability.png

What does it mean?

Seafood sustainability metrics, certifications and labels all differ - we report the ratings of a few of them to give our customers an easy way to make decisions. Salty Girl Seafood has established our own metric that recognizes fisheries and fishermen that are in the process of moving towards sustainability.