Meet Your Fisherman

Who caught it: Craig brooker

Craig Brooker has been fishing all of his life - still loving and having fun doing it each and every day! He spent most of his career as a diver collecting abalone and urchin, but switched to black cod when it opened four years ago in Santa Barbara. His boat, the Kayla B, once had a fly bridge and a tuna tower. He sold it to his partner when he decided to make the switch to trawling shrimp, but couldn't stay away for long, eventually buying it back and fishing on it ever since!

Vessel Name: kayla b


Know Your Fish

black cod (sablefish)

Scientific Name:  anoplopoma fimbria

How it was caught: longline

Port of Landing: Santa Barbara, CA


Black cod caught via longline in California are considered a Good Alternative by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program. While management is in place and further research is underway, there is some concern regarding overall stock status and the habitat and bycatch impacts from this method of fishing.