Vote With Your Dollar


It’s been over two weeks since the election, which for many of us served as a wakeup call to find more ways to be proactive about protecting the things we care most about. It’s no secret that the agenda of the upcoming administration will change the landscape for what has been almost a decade of progressive policy around environmental protection. While many of our government funded environmental agencies face uncertainty in the next four years, it’s important to remember that we have a vibrant and active non-profit and business community that is fiercely committed to making our planet a healthier place to live for all of us.  

The next election cycle looms far in the distance. Fortunately, as consumers, we have the opportunity to vote with our dollars every day. By supporting companies and organizations who source with integrity, who are transparent in their supply chains, and whose processes and charters put people and planet before profit, we allow these companies to lead by example, and motivate others to follow suit. Lucky for us, there’s a good many brands who not only have environmentally focused missions, they also help underserved communities. A list of some of our favorites can be found here*.

The holiday season is here again, marking a time of merry making and also, inevitably, money spending. As we reflect on the things we are thankful for, another year come and gone, let’s also reflect on the impact we have as consumers. Take this time to make informed decisions around the products you purchase both in gift-giving, holiday decorating, and feasting. If your family is anything like mine, holiday mealtime is an opportunity for storytelling (inspired, of course, by copious amounts of wine and hot toddies). Consider the food on your table an extension of - or further inspiration for - those stories. Source direct wherever possible; meet the faces behind your food. When you can’t go directly to the source, seek out products that share the story of your food. Minimize the amount of waste by thoughtfully planning meals and purchasing products with limited or recyclable packaging.

And be kind to one another.

Salty Girl is committed to our mission, perhaps now more than ever, to improve and protect the health of our oceans and to ensure that you can purchase products that strengthen your connection to where they come from. When you vote with your dollar, you’re driving positive change and ensuring that the things you care most about are protected and cherished into the future.

So get out there, spread a little cheer, and have a impactful start to this very happy holiday season.


*Note: Salty Girl Seafood is proud to be a member of the 1% for the Planet network, donating 1% of annual sales revenue to promote positive environmental change through their support of environmental non-profits. This Black Friday, our friends at Patagonia are committed to donating 100 PERCENT of their in-store and online sales to environmental organizations working in local communities to protect our air, water and soil for future generations. That’s a big deal, and makes us inspired and honored to be a part of this growing network of businesses committed to positive environmental change.