In Support of Wild Salmon!

Since the founding of our company, we’ve aimed to support organizations that work to improve the sustainability of fisheries around the world. At the end of the day, the goal of Salty Girl Seafood and our partner organizations is to ensure there are plenty of fish for generations to come. Since becoming a 1% for the Planet member last year, we’ve been searching for the perfect organization to donate 1% of our annual revenues to support their efforts to protect natural resources.

In July, we met with Kim and Audie from the team at Wild Salmon Center (WSC) in Portland, Oregon to learn more about their organization. Let me just tell you - these ladies are truly amazing. Not only are they passionate and smart, their organization is leading the charge on some serious conservation initiatives to support wild salmon. 

Our missions were aligned so well that we agreed we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to team up.

So we signed the check on the spot, making them our first 1% for the Planet partner. This contribution to the Wild Salmon Center marks our first time supporting wild salmon through a mechanism other than our sourcing. As we grow, our support for the salmon and the Wild Salmon Center will grow with us.

You, too, can help support Pacific wild salmon by choosing the Salty Girl Seafood retail line every time you shop for seafood.

We chose to support the Wild Salmon Center because they are truly out there taking action to drive positive change. The Wild Salmon Center is the only group working to protect a network of wild salmon strongholds across the entire North Pacific. Their projects are carried out across the North American West Coast, Japan, and Russia. Salmon are the backbone of hundreds of communities across the North Pacific and provide people around the world with some of the best protein available. They’re essential to our marine, freshwater, and riparian ecosystems, transferring nutrients between the ocean and the land. Ensuring that their habitat is protected by preventing dams, mines, and other threats is essential for their survival.

Recently, WSC’s support of the Susitna River Coalition helped prevent construction of the Susitna-Watana dam project in Alaska—a major win for the salmon and for the team at the Wild Salmon Center. They are also working on an issue near and dear to our hearts: fighting for the protection of Bristol Bay from the development of Pebble Mine. Bristol Bay is located in Southwestern Alaska and produces roughly half of the world’s catch of wild salmon, all this is threatened by the development of a copper mine.

The Wild Salmon Center and partners have successfully protected eight million acres and ten thousand river miles of critical salmon habitat. To date, their successes include:

wild salmon center success
wild salmon center logo

If you’d like to learn more about the Wild Salmon Center and their work, you can check them out here: