Salty Girl Seafood Wins Strongest Market Potential at International Seafood Competition

Salty Girl Seafood demonstrated the strongest market opportunity as an early-stage company for its innovative, sustainable seafood options that take the pain and confusion out of buying seafood in retail outlets and preparing it at home.

Palo Alto, California, November 11, 2015 Salty Girl Seafood, a seafood company based in Santa Barbara, CA that develops sustainable, traceable, ready-to-cook, seafood products won the Strongest Market Opportunity prize at the Fish 2.0 International Seafood Competition Finals hosted at Stanford University. Fish 2.0 is an organization that builds the knowledge and connections needed to increase investment in the sustainable seafood sector. Of the 170 companies that applied, Salty Girl Seafood was one of only six firms to receive top scores in their categories from the competition’s investor-judges.

“We are honored and excited to be recognized by the industry,” said co-founder and COO Laura Johnson. “Connecting people more closely to the ocean and it’s resources is key to improving the sustainability of our global fisheries.” she said. “The competition really helped us expand our reach.”

Salty Girl Seafood is sold in stores throughout Santa Barbara County, and select stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Consumers can also purchase seafood items directly through the Salty Girl website.

Salty Girl Seafood eliminates the confusion consumers face when buying seafood and preparing it at home. While consumers currently rely on pocket guides and outside sources to inform purchasing decisions - which can be time-consuming and conflicting - Salty Girl Seafood takes care to source only from fishermen harvesting responsibly and enables consumers to trace their seafood products back to the fisherman or fishing community right from the label. The line is portioned, pre-marinated, and is accompanied by simple cooking instructions on the package.

About Salty Girl Seafood

Salty Girl Seafood, Inc. is a sustainable seafood company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Santa Barbara, California that develops sustainable, traceable, chef-quality seafood products that incentivize sustainable fishing practices and promote stewardship of oceans. The team has a strong background in fisheries management complemented by extensive start-up experience, and is a member of the 1% for the Planet network, donating 1% of annual revenue in support of an ocean-related non-profit. For more information on Salty Girl Seafood products and stores, please visit the Salty Girl Seafood website or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Contact: Gina Auriemma, Marketing