Sustainable, traceable seafood. Made simple.

Salty Girl Seafood was founded out of a love for the ocean and the belief that serving sustainable, traceable seafood dishes should be fun and easy.

We believe in giving small-scale fishermen who are fishing sustainably the business their commitment to our oceans deserves.

Our seafood is fresh-frozen to lock in its great taste and fully traceable back to the fishermen or community we buy it from.

Nutritious, delicious seafood seasoned with real ingredients. All that’s left for you to do is cook and enjoy.

Smoked Seafood - available exclusively through our website.

Our fresh-frozen seafood makes for a delicious, healthy homemade meal, but our smoked seafood is great to take on the go or as the key ingredient in an appetizer at your next dinner party! 

Our Mission.

To drive change in the seafood industry. To empower fishermen and promote stewardship of oceans. To improve access to sustainable, traceable seafood across the U.S.

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